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1) What is NMSS - It stands for Net Marketing Success System.  It's a Complete Marketing & Training System membership website that's designed to help online and offline marketers make money in their home based business and with NMSS itself.  

2) Why do I have to pay or spend to make money?  First and foremost, everyone spends money for the right to make money.  Even in a job, you need to pay for gas, clothes specific for the job, lunches out and many times more dining out because you don't have time to make dinner or too tired.  Also certain jobs require licensing from cutting hair, insurance, real estate, appraiser, mortgage bankers, etc before you can make money on those capacity.  Not to mention a lot of jobs require a 4 year degree that cost tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars before you get an opportunity to have the right to work in that capacity.  Opportunity to earn income online, get training, the tools and access to marketable products that you will earn from is a very low cost opportunity with high income potential.  You're an independent contractor and an affiliate, you own your own business and tell me of a traditional business you can start at $15/mo and have the potential to earn a 4 and even 5 digit monthly income that doesn't carry high overhead.  You most like spend more than $15 per week on gas for your employment.  That's a very small price for access to incredible opportunity to create online income.

3) What are the products? What do you sell? What do the customer get for what they pay for?  - Subscribers get access to the following:  (Click here for Full Details on products) 

  • Suite of marketing tools such as hosted capture pages, automated marketing and sales funnels, auto responders, email broadcaster, lead scoring system, lead management system, website statistics and more.
  • Training - Probably the most important product subscribers get, Have access to complete training videos, Ebooks and Live webinars on how to effectively build their businesses.  With hundreds of hours of videos, boatload of ebooks, audio and also group online training and coaching.
  • Discount Certificates - As a bonus subscribers get access to valuable discount certificates for Travel, Vacations, Airline, hotel, resorts, shopping for groceries, stores, movies, car care and more.  Save thousands a year.  Get access to 20-70% of different items.   You can print unlimited certificates for yourself or give away to customers or potential subscribers.  You can use them for any other business or purpose you want.
  • 3rd Party Products - prepaid debit cards that pay you for signing up, auto-club memberships, other marketing tools, additional 3rd party training.

All the products are digital, which with today's technology, is the way things are going now.  With people using netbooks, phones, laptops to watch or listen to training or read an ebook, it gives people easier access to information.  Then with tools that we offer that minimizes time to build a business due to automation and maximizes profitability, then be able to offer such high percentage of profitability, people are able to learn faster and earn money faster if they apply simple activity as we teach on a step by step basis.

4) Who do I sell to? - You don't really do the selling, you mainly advertise and promote. The website does all the selling.  The best customers are other home business owners and marketers.  Online and offline marketers.  But just about anyone who's looking to learn how to make money from home or even just to have access to savings.   Because of the economy, more people than ever have looked for ways to make more money or to have their own business.  The home based business has grown more in the last 6 years than it has in the last 20 years.  Besides most people do not realize that some of the biggest companies today started from home or a garage like Apple, Dell, Amazon, Linksys, and so many more.  So many people are able to add a few hundred dollars to their household income to creating a completely different lifestyle by building a big business that creates millions of dollars of income.  This is perfect for stay at home moms or dads, college students, and anyone else looking for ways to make extra money or a career level income.

5) How do I market or get people to the website?  SIMPLE - 2 basic ways to do it

  • Do it yourself, following our simple Step By Step instructions starting with our Copy and Paste Pre-written ads to put on free advertising websites, then also on social media such as facebook.  You then learn more as you go.
  • Done For You Traffic - Paid advertising and marketing.  This is by far the fastest way to get a lot of visitors to your website.  We offer NMSS Co-Op Advertising and a list of other solo ad providers, advertising websites and provide the training on how to effectively use paid marketing.


6) Do I have to call friends, family and co-workers?  NO, you don't have to sell to your friends and family, unless you want to or you know people that ARE LOOKING for an opportunity or just want to learn internet marketing.  This is up to you.  One rule I personally have about this, we should share to those we know who are looking and can truly be benefited by our programs and services but don't get hung up on the results.  Meaning don't bug them, and don't get offended if they don't join or subscribe to what we offer.  Also I suggest, create results yourself and they will ask instead of you asking them.

7) Do I need to make cold calls or recruit people at the malls, gas stations, stores or at the streets? NO you don't have to make cold calls or recruit people around....UNLESS that's your strength and enjoy that.  Some people don't have problems talking to people but just need proper training. Some would prefer belly to belly activity than doing things online...that's ok because some of those people you sell to or recruit may work their business online. That's part of our training...showing people how to maximize their ability in their strength or personality.  BUT we offer a very simple step by step strategy on marketing the website that generate visitors to the website like simple COPY AND PASTE classified ads on free classified websites or on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Any phone calls you make (if you want to) would be warm calls or actually people that are calling you for assistance because they just have questions...so its more a customer service call or a relationship building call.

8) Do I need to sell or sit down with people one on one or do group presentations to explain things or sell the program and to make money with this program? NO, unless that's your strength and what you'd rather do in building your business.  Ideally we prefer people not to do that so that potential members or affiliates don't think they have to do that.  The website DOES ALL THE SELLING FOR YOU ON COMPLETE AUTOMATION. We do all the selling for you through, what we call as "Sales Funnel".  All you have to do is send people to the website.  There are 2 ways of doing this, do it yourself by following simple step by step training or you pay for "traffic/visitors for your website"

9) Do I need to talk to anyone or have to train people myself? NO, YOU DON'T HAVE TO.  We do our best to give the simplest, simple step by step instructions to people in the back office.  Something important to remember though, based on our compensation plan, you will benefit quite a bit financially from the work and earnings of what you're subscribers and members do so it would not be a bad a idea to build relationship and some support to affiliates in your membership that pay you.  This support is primarily just guiding them to the back office and letting them know where the videos they may need to watch to learn more.  Also encouraging them to partake in live training and webinars.  Offering some simple encouragement, guidance and help gives you  a faster and much better chance of making a lot more money faster.

10) With all the scams out there, how do I know this isn't a scam?  OF COURSE THIS IS NOT A SCAM.  
A scam is when you are being parted from your money and promised something of value but you do not receive it. NMSS offers a FREE Success System where you get access to basic online training and complete system.  As a matter a fact it cost NMSS money to offer this.  Then we offer such a low cost starter premium membership at $15 a month (that you can cancel anytime) that you get access to tools and training that are worth hundreds more.  You even get access to a 100% commission with roll up compensation that with one sale you break even, the rest become profit.  We offer a compensation plan that will ALLOW YOU to earn good money but THAT IS NOT GUARANTEED.    A lot of times though people think something is a scam when in reality they were looking for buying into something, not expecting to do or learn anything and expecting to make a lot of money. THERE IS NO SUCH THING.  If you truly want to make money, you need to be willing to put some effort and invest some money.  If you think you will subscribe for $15 or more and AUTOMATICALLY MAKE MONEY...YOU WON'T  and I encourage NOT TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR SYSTEM... Just being straight forward.  There are no guarantees of income.  See our disclosure HERE

11) What's your refund and cancellation policy?  Here's our full disclosure right HERE but bottom line, due to our direct member to member payment system, we are not able to offer a refund.  We do however offer a FREE membership that allows you to use our system on a limited capacity and access some of the basic training to get you started. If you are unsure if you want to invest $15 to access a more complete system and an opportunity to make money on subscriptions then start with our FREE membership program.   If you do subscribe to our premium products such as the Silver, Gold or Platinum Success Builder membership and decide to cancel.  You need to cancel before your next payment and you need to cancel it through your merchant system or send an email or contact your sponsor within 72 hours prior to next payment due date and ask them to cancel billing.  The MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO CANCEL is through your merchant/card system such as paypal or credit card company.

12) How quickly do I get paid?  IMMEDIATELY - we offer a member to member payment program so you get paid immediately upon making the sale.  You NEED to make sure you have one or all of our preferred payment processing system like Paypal, Dwolla, Solidtrust pay, etc.so you can get paid. THIS IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY, THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS  A BUSINESS PERSON. This reduces our cost of operation.

13) Can this be marketed to other countries? - Yes it can be marketed to other countries.  A translator is being added to the website.

14) I notice there's an Admin Fee or Reseller Fee of $9.95. What is that total, I was kind of confused.  We offer 3  subscription packages - Silver is $15/mo, Gold for $45 + $9.95/mo reseller fee and Platinum for $135/mo+ $14.95/mo reseller fee BUT CURRENTLY DURING PRE-LAUNCH YOU GET PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP FOR $45/Mo + $9.95/Mo.  A reseller fee is required for  a Gold or Platinum  to earn commissions on sale of such memberships.  You are not required to pay for reseller fee if you're only using the membership for training and the tools for your business.  You only need to pick the membership level you want.  When you're at Silver, you access Silver products and commissions.  When you're a Gold you access Gold and Silver products and commissions.  When you're a Platinum, you access Silver, Gold, Platinum products and commissions.  


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