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Complete Generic, Custom and Editable Generic Marketing System

By becoming part of NMSSs you will get access to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WORTH AND SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH on Training, Tools, and Systems that are essential to becoming TRULY SUCCESSFUL in Online / Offline Affiliate & Network Marketing Industry! 


Gold Success Training Program - Value: $197  per month
Are you tired of not making the kind of money you've been wanting to make from your business.  Does it seem like the training you're getting seems to be easy for your mentors but you seem to have trouble getting the same results.  Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars for online or offline marketing coaching?  

Here at NMSS, we understand that different people have different strengths. On our Weekly LIVE webinars we will teach you how to harness that strenght to get immediate results and create a long term income in your business.  As a matter of fact, we will show you how you can in be in profit in less than 30 days and actually start getting life changing results in 2-5 months, not 2-5 years.  We'll also ease you into learning additional strategies that will help you build your business.

How would you like to generate sales, recruits and profit in your business WITHOUT EVER MAKING ONE COLD CALL  or BUGGING YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY GUARANTEED!

You will learn the power of the following strategies and techniques:

  • Attraction Marketing - offline and online that will have customer and recruits calling you with credit card in hand.  The most powerful strategy in creating immediate and long term clients and team members
  • How to use an automated system continually generate leads on  a daily basis.
  • How to get presentations of your products and business opportunity in front of 5, 10, 15, 20+ people a day without leaving your home, lifting the phone or going to someone's house or meet at starbucks.
  • How to use simple technology, all set up and done for you to automate presentations, follow ups and even sign ups for your business
  • How to scale up your business to grow 200-1000% using some paid marketing strategies and leveraging your team as a leader
  • Scripts on what to say to potential recruits and customers so that you have the right type of people in your business.
  Complete Business Planning Video, Guide And Checklist - Value $67
Having a Business Plan is one of the most vital part of starting and building a business. Every successful business starts with a business plan.  Get Access to a video training and a printable check list to create a viable business plan.  If you plan to succeed then you will succeed!  If you fail to plan then you plan to fail!


Daily Action Plan Training and Checklist -  Value $47
Ever start or join a business but end up not knowing what to do so you end up not doing anything or accomplishing anything.  Well our Daily Action Training and Checklist, will give you the step by step action plan on a daily basis to building your business and immediately create profit!
     Online/Offline Marketing Training -  Value $47
By learning how to utilize your strength in marketing, whether you're an offline or online marketer is vital to fast profit.  By having access to training that is effective to your ability is the key that's why we offer basic and advance marketing strategies, offline, online or hybrid - online/offline strategies.  From networking events, warm list to Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook marketing strategies, you will learn how to build your database.

      NMSS Daily Income Activity Training - Value $97 per month
Success in the home based business are achieved with the right Daily Income Earning Activities.  Just like anything in life, success is not achieve because of a one time event or pure luck like a lottery.  Success is achieve because of the daily things we need to do that will create income and growth in our business.  These are steps you need to take on a daily basis to ensure the success of your business.

      Copy and Paste Marketing Training - Value $37
Learning how to effectively place ads on free websites such as craigslist, backpage and other ad sites can grow your list and generate leads and by far one of the simplest strategies to get started with.  With pre-written ads.  you get access to a ton of pre-written ads along with 100's of places to put ads in, makes it s super simple to get started with copy and paste classified ads marketing.
       Facebook Marketing Training -  Value $37
If you're not marketing on facebook, then you're missing out on easy ways to get leads, generate leads. Facebook is the premier place for marketers because its really simple to find your niche target market to build relationship and generate sales.  Sadly, most marketers still do it completely wrong and creates a bad rep and really don't generate sales.  It's a great place for building relationships, credibility and leads.  Facebook is even a great contact management tool.  You get access to their information, you see their likes, dislikes and it even records every conversation you have with the individuals.  You can build your business locally, nationally and even internationally all with the power of Facebook.

  YouTube Marketing Basics - Value $37
You Tube is the SECOND most used search engine, right next to Google.  So knowying how to use Youtube for marketing can be a great asset.  One thing that typically gets minimized in using the internet is the lack of personal touch.  Well by using YouTube, it allows your audience, prospects, clients and potential recruits to get to know you, almost in person.  They'll get o know what you look like, how you talk, your mannerism.  You tube allows you to "almost" be there with them.  There's been many times when I've been to conventions and people would come up to me as if they knew me well because they've followed my videos and they feel as if they know me personally and very well....and they do because your personalities will go through on video.

  Internet Marketing Basics -  Value $37
Multiple video training on learning what internet marketing is all about. Learning the complete flow of how to use the internet to build your business.  This is where most people get confused because there are so many trainings out there but usually never complete.  This training walks you through the steps, the tools, activities you need to do and have to successfully use the power of the internet and massively increase your revenue!

  Multiple Streams Of Income - Value PRICELESS!
Through NMSS, you will learn and have access to generating multiple streams of income while you do what you have to do to build your business.  Some of the free and low cost marketing tools are great for generating leads and income.  Once in a while, we will add hot items that sell online and offline that will allow you to generate additional income.  You'll also have access to incredible residual compounding income streams through National Wealth Center. To learn more about the 
NWC Affiliate Compensation Plan click Here



Following are the BONUS tools and BASIC training included in the Gold Success Builder Package: 
Click For More Info NMSS LIMITLESS LEAD SYSTEM - Powerful automated lead generation system that can generate up to 102 leads a day in as little as 10 days. Attracts the HOTTEST LEADS for your home based business, offline or online.   Top tool for attracting the top marketers into your list.
Value: $49.95/mo

Custom Built Capture Pages - Specially designed capture pages to effectively attract the hottest prospects.  Different variety of capture pages for different types of products, industry, companies.  You get numerous "done for you" capture pages so you don't have to worry about it. Completely turn key approach to building your list and your business.

Capture Page Builder -
Get access to custom built, generic, product and industry specific capture pages.  You can also build your own capture pages. You can add video, your text, and opt in form. Capture pages are a major key in building your list. The more capture pages

Value: $39.95/mo

                 Sales Funnel  Builder - Create your own capture pages and sales funnel.  You can put videos, message and landing page.  The more capture pages you have out there, the better chances you can generate more leads. 

Simple Steps To Success Landing Page
 - An exclusive landing page to help promote, automate, follow up and sign up recruits into any other opportunity.  By offering more than just sending them directly to your website, when they  see information about the NMSS automated system and how it will help them build the business faster, they are more convinced that they can succeed in your company.

Value: $29.95/mo

  Lead and Business Management Back Office - You'll have access a system where you can manage your business, keeping track and communicating with your leads, your affiliate team members, your calendar.  You even have complete website analytics that will show  you how many unique visitors you had on your website. You can even track to see how much interest your leads have in what you have to offer based how many actions they took as they visit your websites, read your emails and if they clicked on your links on your emails.  You can create unlimited campaign to help you identify which marketing campaigns works best.

Value: $39.95/mo

Getting Started Step By Step Training - LIVE AND RECORDED TRAINING+.  Probably the most important item in this system is having the KNOWLEDGE OF WHAT TO DO and CONSISTENTLY APPLYING THEM DAILY.  The biggest challenge of why most marketers don't make money is that they don't know what they're suppose to do on a daily basis and what income producing activities they should focus on to build immediate and long term income.  You'll get access to a complete step by step instructions from basic starter marketing strategies to some of the advanced wealth building strategies.  You'll also get access to personal development success mindset training which is probably even more important than the "how to" training videos.

Value: $197.95/mo

Auto Responder and Email Broadcasting System - This is one of the most important tool to have.  Building a list, a database of prospective customers and recruits for your business is the real asset that you'll have in your home based business, whether you're an offline or online marketer.  The best way to get manage your list, build a relationship and communicate with your leads is through a complete auto-responder system with pre-written and copy-written email that's effective in getting your list to follow you and ultimately buy from you.  It also has a complete analytics and scoring system. It tells you which of your receipients opened their email and click on a link on your email

Up to 2000 Subscribers and Unlimited Sends of emails

Value: $29.95/mo
  Mass Email Sender Software- Preferred lead vendor offer aged  double opt in list for just about pennies on the dollar. Using an emailer, you can send out  up to 5000 to 10,000 emails a day to people that have looked for and have interest in a home based business.  With this tool you'll be able to generate tremendous amount of leads you can promote your business to. (Requires a separate hosting account).

Value: $49.00 ea.
Total Monthly Value - $ 267.70 + $49 Software + All the Ebooks and Video Training 

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