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Who Is NMSS, Inc.

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity, motivation, a marketing and training system to help entrepreneurs succeed quickly and for the long term.  To give access to a community and an environment where you constantly get motivated to succeed, make a difference, get good training and feel good to be a part of.  To provide a community of high morals and integrity that encourages a life of limitless possibilities in all ares of your life, be it in business, relationships, finances, family and spirituality. Helping ordinary people create extra ordinary success.  To be able to impact not only your family but the world around of this generation and generations to come! In addition to make an impact in the world through non profit organization and feed thousands of starving children locally and abroad.

NMSS, Inc.was developed with the whole goal of helping ordinary people create extra ordinary success in their businesses.  This is whether you're an offline or online marketer, a newbie or a veteran, involved in affiliate or network marketing. Plainly speaking, we want you to start making money from home within days if not within hours of getting started with NMSS, while you're learning how to truly build a successful long term business.  There are 4 things people need to make money from home based business.  Leads, Training, Automated Systems and Income Opportunities and we offer all four things with NMSS, Inc.  Click HERE to learn more about our products.

NMSS, Inc,  in partnership with some of the top leaders in the online, offline home based and traditional business world, offer powerful training and motivation to help you achieve limitless levels of success in your business.  You'll get access to top notch training on marketing, traffic generation, prospecting, leadership,business, finances, people skills, personal development and more.  Furthermore you'll get access to training on how to truly build wealth, not just generating high income in your business.  At NMSS, Inc, we understand that true success is not just measured by how much you make in your business but true success is directly proportioned to the amount of people to help succeed and the impact you make in the world outside your business.  In addition, real wealth is not  about how much you make but how much you keep.

Henry G. Jose,' Creator & Co-Founder
With  over 20+ years of successful background in the home based business and traditional business, Henry G. Jose' has been known to recognize the power of systems and trends and how to capitalize on them.  But it's not always been a cakewalk to him.  Although he struggled for 4 years when getting started in the home based business, he was able to start generating income and  become part of the top 1% for 13 of 17 years he was with his first network marketing company, one of the largest companies in the world of network marketing.  He has spoken in arenas with over 20,000 people, thousands of people in hotel rooms, conference rooms, and living rooms about the power of the home business and how to succeed in it.   He's been able to create success in multiple home based businesses offline and online, also in traditional businesses.  More importantly, he's been able to help a lot of people get started in their businesses or take their businesses to the next level.  Understanding the needs of home business entrepreneurs for Leads, Training and Mentorship he's been able to create the systems with NMSS to offer this to the masses.

His ultimate goal and purpose with NMSS, Inc. is to be able to help entrepreneurs create success fast but also create a legacy changing sustainable wealth  through learning how to build "YOU, INC."  Not just to help people become top earners in their primary company but to truly become successful in their own lives (YOU, INC.)  and take ownership and build assets in their own lives.....even independent of any individual company other than the one they've created and only they can build called YOU, INC.

Desmond Hinds, Co-Founder & Advisory Counsel Member
Desmond Hinds, as a co-founder and part of our Advisory Counsel Member, brings a variety of knowledge that helps bring long term success in business.  In addition to marketing strategies online and offline, Desmond brings a vital part of success which is education and strategies in handling the accounting and taxation of your business, along with managing credit, debt and personal finance.  Not only has Desmond been able to help people in online and offline network marketing but he also currently own and operate A/R Recovery and Staffing Company.  His company offers accounting services, tax preparation, and credit restoration services.  He will be providing NMSS affiliates education and systems that will ensure you can maximize your profitability by learning what will minimize your taxation.  In addition, by learning how to restore your credit and getting out of debt, if you were affected by the economy, can impact your bottom line by lowering the interest of any loans and get you to the path of eliminating debt while building your home based business.

Joy C. Jose', Secretary & Treasurer

Joy C. Jose',  has been married to Henry Jose, CEO (and really Henry's Boss :>D ) since 1991 and have worked together in Network Marketing since that time.  Joy always handled the administrative side of the business.  She comes with a vast experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and administrative management background.  She also worked side by side with Henry in building their offline network marketing business for many years and people just love working with her because of her loving and bubbly personality. 

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